What Objects Around Us Hear and See

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First Experience

Although I am sitting on the ground, I see people rushing and passing me.


Second Experience

But I am always proud that people put me in their eyes and see the world differently.


Third Experience

"Climb up here!" I hear exciting voices of children calling each other, putting their hands on me, and holding on to me.


Fourth Experience

"Don't fall, boy!" this is what I hear around me when parents talk to their children playing around me.


Fifth Experience

Every day is fun for me. I am part of the chair decoration. It's so exciting for me to see people walk by.


Sixth Experience

For me, every day is a pleasure to be around people. But, at the same time, I am ready in case of an emergency.


Seventh Experience

"Grab the door handle and open it!" I hear it when I see a parent talk to his son to open a door.


Eight Experience

Have fun being around people. Proudly to serve people when people put their stuff on me.


Ninth Experience

I see people lock me up at night and open me in early in the morning.


Tenth Experience

Just amazing how people see me as a reliable object to rest on for a few hours.


Eleventh Experience

Keep guiding people when they look for an address, and I will help them get to their place.


Twelfth Experience

Like others, I am proud when people see me, and good memories come to their minds.


Thirteenth Experience

Most of those who ride bikes know me; they park and secure their bikes with me before they leave. I am a safe spot zone for bikes.


Fourteenth Experience

Not everyone knows why I am here, but I would say I am here to guard everyone in the walkway.


Fifteenth Experience

Obviously, I am one of the favorite parts of a park; I keep trash in me.


Sixteenth Experience

People stand in front of me to read me and get some ideas about the information in the park.


Seventeenth Experience

"Quite hot!" I usually heard when people eat a hot soup from me


Eitheenth Experience

Right or left are some of the directions I guide people to go when they are driving.


Nineteenth Experience

Sometimes, children stand in front of me, and they wonder what is the purpose of me is.


Twentieth Experience

Time flies; I have seen many babies sitting on me and swinging, but now they are older.


Twenty-First Experience

Usually, I am the one that protects tables by holding a glass of water or tea on top of me. Hopefully not to see any marks on your tables.


Twenty-Second Experience

Various people sat and relaxed in the shadow of me when birds were sitting on my branches and singing.


Twenty-Third Experience

Wondering who I am? I am a part of a bigger section of a lock to lock the door.


Twenty-Fourth Experience


Everyone expects me to be around every field to separate of some of the sports fields


Twenty-Fifth Experience

Yes, parts of me are on the ground, but I am the main part of a tree.


Twenty-Sixth Experience

Zoning areas with me when they want to separate areas is my specialty.